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Five Reasons Why Preschool Is Important For Your Child

The earliest years of a child's life are key to predicting ultimate success in school and life. Recent research findings pointing to the importance of the first three years in brain development have serious implications for education. These early learning experiences are crucial determining factors for emotional and intellectual development and will ultimately affect how well a child will perform in school.

This report focuses on the importance of quality early education for children, with an emphasis on low-income children. Children from low-income families are at greater risk of hunger, abuse and neglect, and of being exposed to little or no quality child care and early education programs. Children deserve to get off to a good start in life.

Their early experiences in the home, neighborhood, in child care, and early education programs such as pre-kindergarten and kindergarten all affect how successful they will beater in life. The Importance of the Early Years of Life Neurological development is largely a result of the learning that takes place starting at birth and during later life.

Reasons Why Preschools Are Important

First opportunity to grow: Pre Schools provides the first opportunity for the kids to grow. They learn how to follow instructions, maintain disciplines, have manners, learns to share and socialise.

The first step to social and emotional development Pre School teaches how to socialize with other people rather than only family members. They learn how to make friends, how to talk to teachers, how to have fun with everyone. They also learn emotional self-control.

Children make their choices: Children choose to do any activities on their own. If someone does not choose any activities, the teachers show them how fun it is to do activities. This way kid becomes more involved in several activities.

Kids start to take care of themselves and also others: As Pre School teaches the concept of sharing, kids not only take care of themselves but also takes care of their friends. They eat on their own when they are hungry and they also share food. This way they learn to socialize more.

Learning of Languages: Kids learn different languages other than their mother tongue. They learn English as the teachers communicate in English. They also learn different languages as there is a diversity of kids.

New-Age Pre School focuses on pre-learning of children with utmost love and care. Teachers here are delicate and caring. The faculty takes all the above points in mind and makes sure to provide your children to have a good environment.