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Learning at NewAge - Best International School in Bangalore
Learning at NewAge

  • It’s a happy learning experience with friendly facilitators and child friendly curriculum.
  • The school has its own curriculum department who takes care of the child’s learning which is well-matched to the ICSE curriculum.
  • There is a smooth transition to higher classes as the children are exposed to learning through activities and real life examples in the junior school itself.
  • The school has provided well-equipped labs, where the children are exposed to learning and understanding of concepts through experiments.
  • All classes are provided with smart boards for a better understanding of the topics and facts.
  • The junior school is provided with math labs, which helps the child understand the mathematical facts much faster which further is helpful to retain the concepts.
  • The school focuses on the mental and physical growth of a child therefore our most fortunate children are provided with an International Outdoor Sports facility with a badminton court, Tennis, Basket Ball and football ground with swimming pool. The kids are trained by the most professional coaches in the school.
  • Apart from outdoor sports, the indoor sports facility is also been provided to help the child improve their thinking ability.
  • The safety of the children is taken care by providing lady care in all the floors and buses. The cameras are also installed in all the floors, classrooms and in many other areas and closely monitored.
  • The students are comfortable to clarify their doubts or discuss any issues with their facilitators and authorities.
  • The junior school children undergo a continuous evaluation process without the stress of exams.
  • The school makes an effort to inculcate healthy competitions & human values, motivate them towards leadership roles, expose to cultural events along with academics which adds to the overall growth and learning of the child who is all set to face the world with confidence.