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New-Normal School - 2021

Schools have always been an integral part of every student's life. The upbringing of a student academically as well as in other activities completely depends on the school. We cannot imagine a world where students do not go to schools for academic and co-curricular purposes. We have always seen schools filled with students. They study, they play, they compete with other students, they learn, etc, all under the roofs of their school. But the year 2020 has completely changed the universality of schools and their protocols. The COVID 19 pandemic has stood as a barrier between the school and its students. Students cannot go to their schools now as they used to go. They cannot play or enjoy time with their classmates. They cannot sit under one roof and listen to their teacher's lectures. Studies have gone completely dependent on the internet.

Earlier, students were reprended by their guardians and teachers for using phones and laptops. They said that these devices can harm the student's career and health. But now times have changed. Students are now supposed to sit close to their smartphones or laptops and attend their online classes for hours. Online examinations are also conducted virtually. Teachers, guardians as well as students know that these examinations hold no good to assess the students. Students always wanted a long vacation but this pandemic gave them a too-long vacation. On the contrary, students are now frustrated as they want to continue their academics sitting under the roofs of their school. They do not want to continue with online classes for the rest of their lives.

Current Situation

A lot of schools have decided to open finally after a long wait. Students from classes nine to twelve are asked to come to their schools and attend their offline classes. These students to follow all the safety norms required during the current pandemic situation. They must take care of their own safety. They should carry their masks and sanitisers. Students below class nine have to wait for their schools to open again.