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Meet Our Coordinator

Meet Rama Kiran, a dedicated professional with over a decade of diverse experience and a profound passion for education and child development. Graduating from Bangalore University, Rama Kiran embarked on a dynamic journey through esteemed schools in Bangalore. Along this path, she transitioned through roles in administration and stockbroking, continuously enhancing her skill set.

Over the course of her professional life, she has demonstrated competence in a number of areas, such as technical skill, finance and data analysis and reporting. Currently serving as a PG Coordinator at New Age PreSchools, Rama Kiran meticulously oversees operations and provides invaluable support to all the branches of New Age PreSchools.

In her role, she ensures each branch is equipped with essential resources, expertly handling administrative tasks, managing the distribution of educational materials and adeptly handling financial transactions. Rama Kiran also takes charge of organizing teacher orientation sessions and effectively monitors classroom activities when necessary. Her commitment to seamless communication with parents and fostering collaboration among staff members underscores her dedication to excellence.Her strength lies in her self-directed nature, exceptional communication skills and unwavering commitment to professional ethics.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rama Kiran finds solace and joy in the melodic strains of Carnatic music, reflecting her deep appreciation for cultural arts and traditions. With her wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to excellence, Rama Kiran is poised and eager to bring her expertise to the educational realm, contributing significantly to the holistic development of the school community.

Warm Regards
Mrs. Rama Kiran
NewAge Preschools

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Mrs. Rama Kiran