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Sharvani Dasgupta is a dedicated professional in the field of early childhood education with 22 years of teaching experience with prestigious institutions in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. Currently, serving as a Learning Facilitator and Curriculum Associate for NewAge Preschools, she brings a wealth of experience and passion to the classroom. Her journey in education has been shaped by a diverse background, having completed her schooling in various states of India due to her father's transferable job. With a passion for nurturing young minds, she pursued Montessori teacher's training after completing her academic education.

Her commitment to excellence was recognized during her tenure at the Air Force School in AF Station Kalaikunda, where she was honoured as the Best Kindergarten Teacher. Sharvani serves as a guiding light for students and educators alike, inspiring and empowering them with her unwavering passion for early childhood education. Committed to nurturing a genuine love for learning, she elevates the educational journey of young learners through her innovative and student-centered approach. Sharvani's dedication extends to staying updated with the latest educational methodologies, ensuring she incorporates the best practices into her role, thereby enriching the learning experience for all involved. Equipped with expertise in Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, Sharvani has successfully conducted training sessions for children, fostering an engaging and effective literacy environment.

Beyond the classroom, Sharvani finds immense joy in engaging with tiny tots, delighting in their infectious energy and boundless curiosity.These interactions serve as a valuable source of insight and inspiration for her role as a Curriculum Associate. By immersing herself in their world and understanding their unique perspectives, Sharvani gains deeper insights into their learning needs and preferences. This first-hand experience, coupled with her deep understanding of early childhood development and her dedication to innovative teaching methods, propels her towards the creation of comprehensive and enriching curricula. Moreover, her passion for music, especially semi-classical and folk genres, enhances her ability to craft lively and rhythmic sessions in class.

Join her on this educational journey, where every day presents an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the boundless potential of young learners.

Warm Regards
Mrs. Sharvani Dasgupta
Learning Facilitator and Curriculum Associate
NewAge Preschools

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Mrs. Sharvani Dasgupta