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Aksa Punnoose is an experienced specialist in early childhood education with two decades of experience. Her remarkable credentials include twelve years of teaching experience and eight years of curriculum development and teacher training. By working in recognised educational institutions in Mumbai and Bangalore, Aksa successfully navigated her career path.

Her career demonstrates a deep commitment to nurturing young minds and improving educational practices in kindergarten settings. Aksa has authored reading books to promote literacy skills in young learners. At NewAge Preschools, Aksa serves as the Parent Relations Officer bringing dynamic energy and extensive experience to her role. Through her focus on building relationships and advocating for the school's mission, she creates a nurturing environment where students, parents and the wider community feel valued and supported.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Aksa actively engages in various tasks such as conducting branch visits and reviewing student development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to student engagement and progress tracking. She plays a crucial role in monitoring events, as well as coordinating and creating content for social media platforms and blogs. Moreover, she creates and monitors workbooks and actively participates in teacher recruitments, orientations and student admission processes.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Aksa finds joy in immersing herself exploring mythological tales from unconventional perspectives. She takes pleasure in sharing these tales with children, as they stimulate creativity and spark their imaginations. Her passion for education extends beyond the confines of the classroom, enriching the lives of all those she encounters and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and compassion.

Warm Regards
Ms. Aksa Punnoose
Parent Relations Officer
NewAge Preschools

Ms. Aksa Punnoose

Ms. Aksa Punnoose