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Learning at NewAge Pre Schools

Parents' Connect( Bridging for Better)

Parents provide the perfect tandem for our teaching-learning experience. They provide the emotional core of learning behaviors that are central to a child’s educational and social performance. At NewAge - Best preschools in North Bangalore, we understand the importance of this wonderful partnership and our orientation for parents are designed to help them become better parents through deeper understanding of the child’s needs resulting in the initiation of
Open House
Parent Orientation
Digital Communication

Developmental Area

We at NewAge - Best preschools in Bangalore seek to instil in our children, an inborn sense of responsibility through right Personal, Social & Emotional Development. A love for learning and ability to express fluent opinions and ideas is our focus through Literacy, Communication & Language Development. Intellectual curiosity and promotion of informed questioning helps develop the Creative, Numeracy, Logical and Cognitive skills. At NewAge we believe the emphasis on sports makes sure there is proportionate Physical Development, health and fitness.

Activity Based Learning

The focus of learning is on insight, deeper understanding and higher order thinking by following a Hands on Approach & ABL (Activity Based Learning). This ensures that the child learns a new concept and understands it even better by applying it to situations based on real life. At NewAge Pre schools in North Bangalore, learning is never limited to books as we believe activity based learning will help the child develop a better understanding of the concept. The child is encouraged to hone the finer sensibilities through singing & body movements, art, craft, recitation of rhymes and story time.

Child Centric Classroom

NewAge Pre Schools is one of the Best International Preschools in North Bangalore offering digital class room, which brings alive the concepts of learning through the use of audio-visual technology.

Child Safety

NewAge is one of the Best schools near you that ensures child safety with the best security surveillance and environment for our tiny tots.

Personalized Learning

At NewAge, the Best Preschool in Bangalore, learning is focused on language proficiency via phonics as well as story time and puppet theater sessions, fun water play & sand play sessions aiming at improvising gross and fine motor skills.

A Child’s Day Out

At NewAge Preschools in North Bangalore, we believe that learning occurs from a concrete and abstract sense. Touch and feel promotes easier and sustained learning. Our tiny tots are exposed to the real world through field trips to supermarkets, police stations, post office, farms, etc. so as ensure that the child gains knowledge about the world around thus having a great time exploring and discovering.