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Why NewAge Pre School

Learning Beyond Classrooms, Discovering Themselves

Beyond Books:


Our age-appropriate and ever-growing library is a place not confined only to reading books but a place for fun-filled activities such as Story-telling, Role play, Just-a-minute etc. The Puppet Theatre recreates the magic of story-telling for our tiny tots.

Beyond Chairs and Tables:


Outdoor spaces in the school premises are designed to serve as open air places for learning.

Beyond Art Forms:

Beyond Art Forms

Our music-dance-art-craft sessions & events are designed to enable children not just to learn art but also to enhance their creative expression.

Beyond Sports:

Beyond Sports

Children learn team spirit, sportsmanship, a passion for excellence through our outdoor and indoor activities designed to develop fast feet & inclination towards a fitting lifestyle.

Beyond the Routine:

We believe that each child is a champion and encourage them to participate in their own capacity in all the events and celebrations.

Why Choose NewAge Pre School

Benefits for you

Activity Based Learning

The focus of learning is on insight, deeper understanding and higher order thinking by following a Hands on Approach & ABL (Activity Based Learning). This ensures that the child learns a new concept and understands it even better by applying it to situations based on real life.

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Child Centric Classroom

NewAge Pre Schools is one of the best International Pre Schools in North Bangalore offering digital class room, which brings alive the concepts of learning through the use of audio-visual technology.

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Child Safety

NewAge is one of the best Pre School near you that ensures child safety with the best security surveillance and environment for our tiny tots.

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Personalized Learning

At NewAge, the best Pre School in your neighborhood, learning is focused on language proficiency via phonics as well as story time and puppet theater sessions, fun water play & sand play sessions aiming at improvising gross and fine motor skills.

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