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Before you start browsing our website, we will tell you why you have come to the right place. Are looking for the best Preschool in Bangalore for your kid? We at NewAge Pre School provide a relaxing, safe, and professionally controlled atmosphere, combined with the warmth of a personal homey touch, to provide an ideal setting for your child's lifelong learning skills, physical, emotional, and artistic growth. As Parents, we all want the best for our children in every aspect. When your child attends NewAge Pre School, you will realise that you have put your faith in us to do what is best for your precious child!

Facilitators @ NewAge Pre School – Best Pre School in Bangalore

As a Parent, we are sure you understand the importance of a strong, supportive and leading Facilitator in your child's life. We at NewAge Pre School – Best Preschool in Bangalore understand the significance of the facilitator. That is why we go to such lengths to ensure that your child has the best facilitator the education sector has to offer and engage primarily on their professional growth.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide a holistic learning experience for every child spanning across all Developmental Areas in a child.


NewAge is established on the notice "to set the Child free"

  • Free from fear of failure
  • Free from the routine and boredom of meaningless learning
  • Free from shyness & inhibitions
  • Free from rote learning
  • And in fact free the child from the stress of learning itself.



Happy Parents